Best Android TV Box Price in Bangladesh

Android TV Box Price in Bangladesh

Choosing the right Android tv BOx is hard .sometime you may get confused. That’s why we Makershop Bangladesh collected all the top Quality Android TV box so you can compare Best Android TV Box Price in Bangladesh

What is an Android TV box and what can they do?

That is exactly the question we are going to answer today. What exactly is an Android TV box and what can you do with it? How is it different from similar products on the market? And why might you choose an Android TV box over some of its competitors?

What Is An Android TV Box?

An Android TV box is simply a TV box running the Android operating system. This is the same operating system as the one running on your smartphone, tablet, and millions of other devices throughout the world.

Usually, the operating system is slightly older than the OS running on your phone; it might be Oreo (Android 8) or Pie (Android 9). But pretty much all of the apps you can run on your Android smartphone, you can run on your Android TV box.

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Make your TV Smart with Android TV Box

OK, But What Is A TV Box?

You’ve probably heard a lot of different terminology being thrown around sites, forums, and social media groups. These may include:

  • Streaming media device
  • TV box
  • IPTV box
  • Set-top boxes
  • Media streamer
  • HTPC
  • Kodi box
  • And my personal favourite, the Android TV box.

They’re all basically the same type of device – something that gets content from your home network or the Internet to your television.

Watch It Your Way With an Android TV Box

With dozens of streaming services to choose from, people are leaving their cable providers behind and watching what they want, when they want. An Android box provides many viewing options. If you want to binge your favourite shows and movies on major platforms, an Android TV box extends the capabilities of your television and turns the living room into a place for sharing.

Check below Most popular Android Tv box in Bangladesh

Stream From Your Favourite Services

Whether you’re watching on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Crave, there are apps for all the major players in the Google Play store. An Android TV box functions just like a smartphone or tablet, but it’s optimized to work with remote control and take advantage of your television’s larger screen and 4K video. Apps are familiar, easy to install, and use, and that unlocks a lot of options. You can even stream content by your favorite YouTube creators from the couch, or watch live TV.

You’re not limited to online video services. You can play games like of call of duty, PUBG, Clash of Clans, Clash royals literally anything on TV.Yes on TV with your biggest screen and fastest Smart Android Tv box.

Buy Android Smart TV Box In Bangladesh

More and more people nowadays are opting for Smart Televisions as the trend continues to grow. However, not everyone can afford a full-fledged Smart TV worth somewhere close to tk. 1,00,000. Here’s an idea! Why not convert your regular non-smart TV into a smart one! Surprised that’s even possible? A lot of people are. Considering whether the cost of that too would be out of your reach? Don’t. You’ll be even more surprised when you hear the android smart tv box price in Bangladesh. But before we discuss prices, let’s just take a look at what these little wonders can do for you and where you can find the lowest android tv box price in Bangladesh.

The smart TV box, also known as Android TV box is a small device that instantly turns any TV, irrespective of whether it is CRT, LCD or LED into a Smart TV. You can even attach it to your computer monitor to get an instant large sized Android Tablet. What’s more, you can even attach it to your projector and get an instant smart Home theater or run Android office apps on a projected screen at your office!

How does it Work?

A lot of people get confused between a Smart TV and Smart TV box. Well, beside the expansive difference in cost, both of them have a huge difference in how they work, although the end result is almost identical. Both let you use your television as you would use an android phone. Both allow you to download Android apps, play Android games, watch Youtube videos, check your mail and do anything that a regular Android phone would allow, except, of course taking calls.

The main principal behind it is a fully operational Android operating system. It also comes equipped with an IP TV software that allows you to watch all your favourite TV channels for free by making use of your internet connection. It is for this reason that these devices are also sometimes known as IP TV box. The TV card of these devices come ready equipped with Wi-Fi and

Ethernet, so they can easily connect to your home or office internet. They are capable of connecting to all kinds of networks, like your Wi-fi router or broadband internet cable. What’s more, they even come with support for both 3G and 4G internet! All you need to do is insert your modem or dongle into the USB port and you can use internet directly from your SIMM card!

There are other names that people lovingly call these devices by. Since they help you stream movies, some call it a streaming media player. Still, others call it an Android mini PC since you can also use it as a PC by connecting it to a keyboard and mouse! In other words, it gives you the benefits of both a Smart TV and a PC at less than a fraction of the cost. That is just how lucrative an android tv box price in bd is!

Best Android TV Box Price in Bangladesh

Difference between a Smart TV and Smart TV box price in BD

Although worldwide sales of Smart Televisions are going up at exponential rates, the trend is not quite as popular in Bangladesh. A Smart TV is expensive and huge. Not everybody in Bangladesh can afford one. Typically, smart TV price in Bangladesh can range from anywhere between tk. 60,000 to tk. 1,50,000. Good news is, anyone can now have one by simply connecting a Smart TV box to their regular television screens. An android smart tv box price in Bangladesh or an android tv box price in Bangladesh, however, can be as low as tk. 1500! At this cost, the luxury of a Smart TV is at the disposal of anyone! All you need additionally is a standard TV and an Internet connection, preferably high speed. Your TV need not be a branded one like Sony, Samsung or LG. You can even hook up your smart TV box with a Walton or Konka or with any non-branded TV. Compare android smart tv box price in bd. 

The Android Smart TV Box typically also includes an HDMI cable, a built-in remote control, a power adaptor and an operating manual. To operate it, the process is quite simple. Simply plug in to a power supply, connect using the HDMI cable to an HDMI port on your TV and voila! Your TV magically turns into a smart TV that can be operated by a smart TV remote. The remote controller is also equipped with a high-end speech to text technology. This feature allows the box to recognize speech, process the spoken sentence and convert it to text. It then uses the converted text as a search keyword to help find your required pages and applications via Google, Google Play or YouTube.

Benefits of a Smart TV Box

Your regular standard cable is slowly becoming obsolete. And this is becoming more so thanks to the advent of the Android TV box. There was a time when the TV was only used to watch regularly scheduled videos. But now people prefer watching their favorite shows according to their own schedules. Ventures such as Netflix have made these even more desirable, as viewers now have an access to a multitude of movies that they can watch at their will. So, it’s about time you come along and join the bandwagon too. Why you ask?

Here is a rundown of all the benefits you will get from purchasing a Smart TV Box:

  • Save Money: A cable service, if considered on a long term basis, can cost a lot. In comparison, android tv box price in Bangladesh, with all its features can prove to be quite low and thus, much more advantageous.
  • Use your TV to play games: It is a well-know fact that Android powered games are getting more and more exciting. Nowadays they come equipped with HD graphics and sound as wells as a whole lot more complexity. A cable TV connection will not give you the magic of gameplay, while a standard android phone will give you all the excitement alright, but on a much smaller screen. Wouldn’t it be fun to experience the same excitement on a bigger screen with an extra boost of adrenaline rush? The Android game remote gives you better control over your game. What’s more, you get a never-ending choice of thousands of android games through the Google Play store.
  • Keep your Entertainment with you wherever you go: The portability of a Smart TV box gives you endless possibilities in the entertainment arena. If you’re traveling or planning a vacation, you can consider your entertainment needs taken care of. Simply pick up your Smart TV box, pack up and go. Its compact size and light weight allow it to be easily slid into any carry bag or luggage. When bored, simply plug it into the hotel TV and there you go! You get instant access to all your favorite visual content! And that too in any part of the world, provided, of course that you have an internet connection there.
  • Use your TV as a computer: An android TV box, when connected to your television can completely change the way you use your TV. The comparatively larger sized TV, in comparison to a phone, tablet or laptop screen makes everything much larger, clearer and easier to see. You can then use your TV to share websites, see the news, check your mail, chat, see digital photographs and do everything that you could do with your android phones. What’s more, if you have a home theater sound system, it makes watching Youtube music videos an altogether different experience!
  • Its easier on the eyes: A lot of people express concerns about watching movies, etc. for prolonged periods of time on the smartphone, since it is much closer to the eye and therefore more harmful than watching it on television. Investing in a Smart TV Box can help bring you out of that dilemma as you can watch right from your television the same things that you were watching on your smartphone. It also helps when more than one people want to watch the same video. A wider screen means more comfort and less squabble over who gets to hold the phone while watching something together.

Where to Get the Lowest Android TV Box Price in BD

So now you know it all, you’re ready to get one but are probably wondering where I can the lowest android smart tv box price in bd. Isn’t it? Well, you need to look no further. At Makershop you will find the best electronic products with the lowest price in Bangladesh. You are free to see our wide range of products online and order electronic products of your choice from the comfort of your home. We deliver all over Bangladesh, so no matter where you’re located, we will ship your product to you.  We have collaborated with the best courier services in the country so we can assure you of a reliable delivery that gets done swiftly. The product will get delivered right to your doorstep, so you can just place your online order and leave the rest to us. Try Comparing with Smart Android Tv box price in Bangladesh and choose what is best for you. You choose you to buy you enjoy everything on your hand with few clicks. Buy Android Tv Box online in Bangladesh and we’ll delivery to your doorstep anywhere in Bangladesh

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