5-24V Universal power module 14-60 inch LCD TV display adjustable universal module

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5-24V Universal power module 14-60 inch LCD TV display adjustable universal module in Bangladesh

Product details of 5-24V universal power module 14-60 inch LCD TV, display adjustable universal module

  • Type: Adjustable universal power module
  • Input: upto 300V
  • Lead wire: 4
  • Voltage: 5-24V
  1. Power: up to 180W
  2. Size: 42mm*30mm*15mm
  3. Type: Adjustable universal power module
  4. Input: 300V
  5. Lead wire: 4
  6. Voltage: 5-24V

5V- 24V adjustable universal power module

This module is suitable for the replacement of the output power below 180W, the output voltage is in the range of 5-24V after the single-ended flyback switching power supply is damaged. It is suitable for the maintenance of the main and auxiliary power supply of the 14′′-60′′ LCD TV. It can also be used for the maintenance of power supplies such as monitors, set-top boxes, satellite receivers and DVDs. As long as the switching transformer is repaired on the power supply, the input and output rectification and filtering circuits are normal, and the product can be used for replacement maintenance. After repairing, the original machine level can be achieved, and the maintenance work can be greatly simplified.
installation method

  1. Remove the original switch tube and damaged components, keep the switching transformer, absorption circuit and input and output rectifier filter circuit, and check whether it is intact, there are problems to be repaired.
  2. Fix the module to the heat exchanger of the original switch tube and ensure that the power tube on the module is in close contact with the heat sink for heat dissipation.
  3. The red line on the module is connected to the D-pole pad of the original switch tube, and the black line is connected to the negative pole of the 300V filter capacitor (hot ground). The yellow line and the blue line are connected to the output main voltage 5-24 filter capacitors at the positive and negative ends, the yellow line is connected to the positive pole, and the blue line is connected to the negative pole (cold ground).
  4. Disconnect the load, install a 3-5W220Ω resistor on both the positive and negative ends of the main voltage output to make a dummy load (the low voltage is not easy to start when this resistor is not applied), and power on. Normally, the main voltage output is about 4.5V. Adjust the adjustable resistor on the module clockwise, the voltage will gradually increase. According to the requirements of the repaired model, the main voltage will be adjusted to the appropriate value, and the other output voltages will be automatically matched. . After adjusting the voltage, the power is turned off, the dummy load is removed, the original load is turned on, and the machine is tested again.
    common problem
    Boot does not start. At this time, check whether 300V is normal. If it is normal, check whether the components connected to the output windings of the switch transformer are short-circuit damaged. Check whether the output rectifier is broken. If the fault cannot be eliminated after the inspection, it may be a short circuit inside the switch transformer. You can try it instead.
    There are noises. After installing the module, the lift-off transformer emits a “beep, bang” sound. In this case, first check whether the original absorption circuit has a problem. If there is no problem, you can change the value of R2 on the module. The R2 resistance can be Choose between 0.22Ω and 2.2Ω, and the power can be 2-3W. The value of R2 resistance will affect the output power of this module. The larger the resistance, the smaller the output power of the module. Therefore, when adjusting the resistance of R2, it should be gradually increased from small to no noise.
    Can not remotely shut down. At this time, you can use the 5-24V module of the 5 lines produced by our factory, or modify it as follows:
    First install D1 on this module. D1 is best to use a switching diode, such as 1N4148. Then connect a lead from the negative pole of D1 to the remote control switch optocoupler of the original board, as shown in Figure 2. When the optocoupler is turned on, it is turned off, and vice versa. If the original machine control mode is reversed, you can also add a remote control switch control circuit as shown in Figure 3. This circuit is relatively simple to connect with the original machine. Just find the remote control switch control line on the original board and connect it correctly.

    Warning: When installing on metal casing equipment such as DVD, any components and solder joints on this module must not touch the casing to prevent 100 electric accidents!






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