6601EN1003D Genuine LG Washing Machine Door Lock

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6601EN1003D Genuine LG Washing Machine Door Lock in Bangladesh

  • Fits for LG roller washing machines
  • Type: lock interlock
  • Colour:Black & White
  • Material:plastic
  • Size:Length: 70mm

Compatible part numbers:

1711417, 1649403, 687219, 1317420, 687195, 1711444, 6601ER1005A, 6601EN1003A, 6601EN1003B

Suits Models:

FR2922NCZB, WD-1018C – WD-10160TP, WD-1023C – WD-10230TP, WD-1049C – WD-10490TP, WD-1238C – WD-12380TBP, WD-8013C – WD-80130TP, WD-8015C – WD-80130TUP, WD-8016C – WD-80160TUP, WD-8026C – WD-80260TP, WD10020D – F1268QDP, WD10490C – WD-10481TP, WD11020D1 – WD-11391TDK, WD1200D – F12C3QDP, WD1200D – FH2C3QDP, WD12020D – F1222TD, WD12021D6 – F12B8QD1, WD12021D6 – FH2B8QDP1, WD14022D6 – FH496TDP3, WD1402CRD6 – F1496AD3, WD1402CRD6 – FH496ADP3, WD80490C – WD-80490TP, WD-10490C (ABWREAP), WD-10230TP (AOWREAP), WD-1023C, WD-1238C, WD-8026C, WD-8015C, WD-1018C, WD-12020D, DMRXW300, WD-1236TD, WD-1049C (AOWREAP), WD-1223FB, WD-8016F, WD-1433RD, WD-1435RD, WD-1470FD, WD-8013F, WD-10151FB (AOWREAP), WD-8023FB, WD-1015FB, WD-1025FB, WD-8013C, WD-8016C, WD11020D, WD12020D, WD-14700RD, WD13020D, WD-10150FB (AOWREAP), WD-1290RD, WD-1438RD (AOWRRAN), WD-1438RD (AOWREAP), WD-1457RD, WD-80130F (AOWREAP), WD-80130F (AOWPEIN), WD-80130TUP (AOWRRAN), WD11020D1, WD13020D1, WD14030RD (F1403RD ABWREAP), WD-1049C (AOWRRAN), WD14070D6, WD-10490TP (AOWRRAN), WD80490C, WD-10160TUP (AOWPBWT), WD-1238C (AOWREAP), WD10020D, WD-10490TP (AOWREAP), WD12021D6, WD-12380TBP (AOWRRAN), WD-10160TP (AOWREAP)


1 Pcs Door Lock

6601EN1003D Genuine LG Washing Machine Door Lock 16601EN1003D Genuine LG Washing Machine Door Lock 26601EN1003D Genuine LG Washing Machine Door Lock 3
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