CA-901 Gold 27E KLY Power Supply Module 12-24V Power Switch For LCD LED TV / PC Monitor Repair Tools

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Gold 27E KLY Power Supply Module 12-24V Power Switch For LCD LED TV / PC Monitor Repair Tools

  • Repair LED LCD tv power board by STR-DM0465R.
  • 1-Pin Yellow Wire:DRAIN,power control port;connect with MOS power tube D pole (usually is power switch tube middle pin)
  • 2-Pin Black Or Pink Wire:GND,module ground wire 300V;connect with capacitor negative
  • 3-Pin Red Wire:VCC,module power supply port;connect with feedback winding port after rectification capacitor’s positive and continuous power supply;voltage range is 12-24V
  • 4-Pin White Wire:FB,stabilivolt feedback,connect with optocoupler 4 pin;please make sure that optocoupler 3 pin connect with hot ground;if not hot ground please connect optocoupler short circuit with hot ground,and disconnect 4 pin external circuit at the same time
  • 5-Pin Green Wire:start pin,connect with 300V capacitor positive
  • 1.Remove original power chip (usually 8-pin) and switch tube (mos tube)
  • 2.Check 300V capacitor
  • 3.Check if load port is short circuit,ad board,inverter board etc
  • 4.Connect module corresponding circuit and check if there is false connection
  • 5.Install it in origial heat sink position,pay attention to insulation,no short circuit
  • 6.Power on,test whether voltage is output or not;please check out the reason if there is no output
  • Before using this module, please first check the cold side there is no short circuit, a short circuit of the first maintenance, if the capacitor drum package, please replace the first, high-voltage package circuit is also the first short circuit, not on the module before , Remove the original module power chip and mos tube, this time the original switch tube in the middle of the electrode to the hot ground voltage to have about 300v voltage.
  • 2. Optocoupler 3 feet if not connected to the ground, please put 3 feet heat, while the 4 feet of the external circuit demolition, and the white line received 4 feet

DS-0088 Universal 12-24V Power Module Switch Power Supply Board 300V For LCD LED TV / PC Monitor Repair Tools

Can change following and patch:
1.203D6.230D6 NCP1203D60R2G 203X6
2.LD7552BN LD7575SI LD7575GS LD7575 LD LD575 LD7575
5.EA1530.EA1532 TEA1507 TEA1522
7.1200AP40 1200AP60 1200AP100 1203P60 1203P100
8.FAN7601.FAN7530 FA5511 FAN6961 FA5500
9.L6562D.DM0365R 5H0165R DM0365R 0665 0265
10.NCP1271 NCP1270 NCP1653
11.2AS01.2BS01 FSQ100
12.SG6961 SG6841 SG6842 SG5841

Note:There may be 1-3mm error due to manual measurement.Please make sure you don’t mind before you purchase

Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.Thank you!

Package includes:1PC 12-24V LCD Universal Power Supply Board Module 300V Switch Tube For LCD TV

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