TOP202YAI TOP202Y TOP202 TO-220 Transistor

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TOP202YAI TOP202Y TOP202 TO-220 Transistor Bangladesh

Low Cost Replacement for Discrete Switchers
• 20 to 50 fewer components – cuts cost, increases reliability
• Source-connected tab and Controlled MOSFET turn-on
reduce EMI and EMI filter costs
• Allows for a 50% smaller and lighter solution
• Cost competitive with linears above 5 W
Up to 90% Efficiency in Flyback Topology
• Built-in start-up and current limit reduce DC losses
• Low capacitance 700 V MOSFET cuts AC losses
• CMOS controller/gate driver consumes only 6 mW
• 70% maximum duty cycle minimizes conduction loss

ШИМ - контроллеры семейства TOPSwitch

Pin Functional Description
Output MOSFET drain connection. Provides internal bias
current during start-up operation via an internal switched highvoltage current source. Internal current sense point.
Error amplifier and feedback current input pin for duty cycle
control. Internal shunt regulator connection to provide internal
bias current during normal operation. Trigger input for latching
shutdown. It is also used as the supply bypass and auto-restart/
compensation capacitor connection point.
Output MOSFET source connection. Primary-side circuit
common, power return, and reference point.

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