ZOTEK/ZOYI VC17B+ Digital Multimeter

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ZOTEK/ZOYI VC17B+ Digital Multimeter 6000 Counts True-RMS Digital Multimeter Auto Range AC/DC Voltage Current Meter Ohm Diode Voltmeter with Blacklight

This portable multimeter with excellent performance and anti-dropping capacity, comes with backlight digital LCD monitor and accurate measurement.
It is economical and practical for you to use in laboratory, factory, family.
Come and get it now. 
Humanized Design: come with data hold function, backlight on-off, anti-overloading, low power alert, auto/manual ranging, auto power off.
17 Test Mode: used to test DC & AC voltage, DC & AC current, capacitance, resistance, duty cycle, temperature, diode, 
continuity, relative measurement, REL/MAX/ MIN value and etc.
True RMS: The RMS/DC transform avoids the influence of voltage waveform distortion on can test high accuracy and it can self-calibrated chip.
LCD display: 6000 counts digital backlight LCD display offers large test rang as well as clear reading.
Anti-shock Design:it is well protective by PVC anti-dropping cover and anti-fracture bracket. 
Replace the Battery: because of using AAbattery, it is easy to change the battery. 
Material: Plastic
Display: LCD display with backlight
DC Voltage Range: 6V/60V/600V/1000V/60mV/600mV
DC Voltage Resolution: 0.001V/0.01V/0.1V/1V/0.01mV/0.1mV
AC Voltage Range: 6V/60V/600V/750V/60mV/600mV 
AC Voltage Resolution: 0.001V/0.01V/0.1V/1V/0.01mV/0.1mV
DC Current Range: 6A/20A/60mA/600mA/600μA/6000μA
DC Current Resolution: 0.001A/0.01A/0.01mA/0.1mA/0.1μA/1μA
AC Current Range: 6A/20A/60mA/600mA/600μA/6000μA
AC Current Resolution: 0.001A/0.01A/0.01mA/0.1mA//0.1μA/1μA
Resistance Range: 600Ω/6kΩ/60kΩ/600kΩ/6MΩ/60MΩ
Resistance Resolution: 0.1Ω/0.001kΩ/0.01kΩ/0.1kΩ/0.001MΩ/0.01MΩ
Capacitance Range: 9.999nF/99.99nF/999.9nF/9.999μF/99.99μF/999.9μF/9.999mF
Capacitance Resolution: 0.001nF/0.01nF/0.1nF/0.001μF/0.01μF/0.1μF/0.001mF
Frequency: 99.99Hz/999.9Hz/9.999kHz/99.99kHz/999.9kHz/9.999MHz
Frequency Resolution: 0.01Hz/0.1Hz/0.001kHz/0.01kHz/0.1kHz/0.001kHz
Duty Cycle: 1%~99%
Duty Resolution: 0.1%
Temperature: (-20~1000)°C /(-4~1832)°F
Temperature Resolution:1°C/1°F
Power Supply: 2 * 1.5V AA Battery (not included) 
Item dimension:
Item Size: 18.5 * 9 * 4.5cm/7.3 * 3.5 * 1.8in
Item Weight: 348g/12.3oz
Package information:
Package Size: 20 * 12.5 * 5.5cm / 7.9 * 4.9 * 2.7in
Package Weight: 518g / 12.1oz
Gift box package
Package List:
1 x Digital Multimeter
1 x Pair of Test Leads
1 x Temperature Sensor Probe
1 x User Manual(English)
NOTE: ZOTEK & ZOYI is same brand. Product label may come in any name.




VC17B+ DIGITAL MULTIMETER 6000 counts Backlight AC/DC Ammeter Voltmeter LOT HQ - £18.36 | PicClick UKZOYI VC17B+ Digital Multimeter TURE RMS Auto Range Volt Meter Tester Temprature Continuity Tester|Multimeters| - AliExpressYB3400-C-24-1YB3400-C-23-1YB3400-ALL-20-1YB3400-D-29-1YB3400-D-32-1ZOYI VC17B+ Digital Multimeter Capacitance Resistance 6000counts LCD Auto Range Multimeter LCD Auto Range Multimeter|auto range multimeter|digital multimetermultimeter capacitance - AliExpressYB3400-D-27-1YB3400-D-33-1

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