TP.SK108.PA672 ORIGINAL TV Motherboard

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Premium Quality TP.SK108.PA672 ORIGINAL TV Motherboard

Model: TP.SK108.PA672
Main chip solution: TSUM53RWU-Z1
Input interface: USB / VGA / HDMI / Video /
Working voltage: support 100-240V wide voltage
Screen voltage selection: 5V / 12V
Resolution support: 1920 * 1080, 1336 * 768, 1440 * 900, 1680 * 1050, 1920 * 1200, 1600 * 900, 1280 * 1024, 1280 * 768, 1280 * 720, etc.
Key definition: MENU, CH-, CH +, SOURCE, VOL-, VOL +, POWER, NULL
Languages: English, Russian, French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, German
Default language: English
Remote control: IR_XY_AP_M90
Sound curve: SOUND_CS85636S_DEFAULT_SK108_PA672_V53RW_26DB5V4R3W
Backlight default: 100
Burning method:
Store the screen program to be burned in the U disk, insert the U disk into the board, plug in the keyboard, and power on; the indicator light of the button board will flash alternately red and green, and the program will start to write when the light flashes. (please don`t power off), the light flashes slowly, after a short flash, it will flash quickly. After the flash is stopped, the program is written. After the power is turned off, the U disk is taken to complete the program burning.
As long as you have a USB flash drive, you can upgrade the replacement program at will! Super convenient.

Package included:

1 x Remote Control
1 x Motherboard PCB

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