TV160 LVDS LED LCD TV Motherboard Tester (6th Gen)

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TV160 LVDS LED LCD TV Motherboard Tester

In the process of LCD TV repair or production, the motherboard needs to be connected to the screen test, but the motherboard has many models and needs to be repaired or produced with different screens.

Based on this consideration, the converter can directly convert the LVDS signal sent by the main board into a VGA output, which can reduce the pressure of the universal test screen, and can also prevent the phenomenon that the screen body is burned due to abnormality of the motherboard fault output signal.

More importantly, the converter itself has a 4.3-inch display, which is convenient for engineers to carry test TV motherboards. Its use value is very high!


Characteristics of this conversion board

1. Furnished with 4.3″ display screen, it is able to display LVDS image directly from the mainboard, supporting external VGA.

2. It supports LVDS signal with various resolution ratios (60Hz, 120Hz and 240Hz) of single or dual shielded wire.

3. It outputs uniform VGA signal (1280*720/60HZ) which is able to be connected to various display, supporting CRT, liquid crystal and TV display (favorable compatibility).

4. The input interface features anti-static design with better anti-static capacity.

5. Convenient conversion among various LVDS formats.

6. Wide power input design, with 5V-12V adapter.


Packing list and standard accessories


Instructions for use:

    1. First connect the motherboard to the screen line conversion board, pay attention to the correct line order, turn on the TV motherboard, and the indicator of the screen line conversion board is bright, indicating that the motherboard and the screen board are connected correctly, otherwise check again.
    2. When the screen conversion board and the motherboard are connected correctly, the screen conversion board is facing up and inserted into the LVDS converter.TV board and the converter are all turned on.
    3. When the image display is not normal, press the mode switch button repeatedly to switch between different modes. Until the image is normal.
4, the converter supports 60Hz, 120Hz, 240Hz various LVDS formats, such as two screen line motherboards, only need to connect a main screen line to the HD conversion board, another screen line does not need to connect, you can also switch to The image you need.


Parameter table of resolution and format of converter

No.    Resolution   LVDS   format   No.  Resolution    LVDS format

1         800*600     VASA, JEIDA    8    1280*720      VASA, JEIDA

2        1024*600    VASA, JEIDA    9    1600*900      VASA, JEIDA

3        1280*800    VASA, JEIDA   10   1400*1050    VASA, JEIDA

4       1280*1024   VASA, JEIDA   11   1680*1050    VASA, JEIDA

5       1366*768     VASA, JEIDA   12   1600*1200    VASA, JEIDA

6       1024*768     VASA, JEIDA   13   1920*1200    VASA, JEIDA

7       1440*900     VASA, JEIDA   14   1920*1080    VASA, JEIDA


Description of input mode conversion


Demonstration of the transfer of the screen line conversion board to the converter:


The TV motherboard is connected to the converter to the display, the effect is really good!


The 6th generation converter can be directly powered by mobile power: the actual measurement is powered by a 10400-capacity mobile power supply, which can be powered for 15 hours. It can meet the carrying test. You can make the power supply line yourself and use other mobile power supplies.


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