LED TV Panel Paper Polarized Back Film (Down)

৳ 300.00৳ 1,400.00

LED Screen Polarizer TV Monitor Panel Backside Paper of LED Screen of TV/Monitor

Available size:  17″ | 18.5″ | 19″ Wide | 19″ Square | 21.5″ | 23.6″ | 32″

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LED TV Monitor Panel Paper Polarizer Film (Down) in Bangladesh Back Paper

  • Size: 17″ | 18.5″ | 19″ Wide | 19″ Square | 21.5″ | 23.6″ | 32″
  • Optical type: High contrast transmissive
  • Transmittance: single(42%) ; crossed(≦0.005%)
  • Color: neutral gray
  • Polarizing efficiency: 99.99%
  • Polarization axis: 50mm
  • Wavelength: 380~700nm
  • UV-Cut: Yes or No
  • Thickness: 0.13mm
  • Direction: linear
  • Durability: 60°C/90%RH/500Hours test passed
  • Adhesive glue: No
  • Application: LED Panel,Opencell, 3D glasses, polarized sunglasses, polarized fishing glasses, polarizing microscope, polarizing camera filter, photography, light control windows, polariscope, rotating filter with using two polarizers, photoelastic stress analysis, glare reduction, motion illusion, polarized dental photography

Angle of view: 45 degree

Polarized Film,Linear Polarizing Filter Lens,Glossy Polarization Sheets With Adhesive/Non-adhesive for TV/PC monitor screen

LED TV Panel Paper in bangladeshLED TV Panel Paper in bangladesh

Why replace the polarizer film:

If your lcd led screen surface look old,scratched,cracked,but the function is ok,

Now you only need to replace a new polarizer film.

Polarizer film Use:

Polarize Film for LCD LED Screen,These are hign efficiency,anti-reflection

Polarizer films.The Polarizer film is a film that is applied to the front of your screen and will

give you the following advantages: Increases display contrast and readability.Images are

clearer and sharper; provides deeper looking colors; permits a wider viewing angle in

brighter environments; increases surface transmission; protects panels from fingerprints and scratches.

Note: If you want to replace the polarizer film,you need to know correct angle,

Most of the laptop and desktop panels are used either 135D or 45D while large LCD LED TV screen uses 0D. Polarize Film can be cut at any angle.
If you do not know angle, we can supply angle tester tool, welcome to contact us

How to replace Polarize Film

Technically, this process MUST be done in a clean room environment with the special equipments. However, for the samller screen ,such as laptop

For any kind of TV Parts in Bangladesh .Feel free to reach us.

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17", 18.5", 19" Wide, 19" Square, 21.5", 23.6", 32", 40"

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